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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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is al jazeera america live in new york city. it's back to work. >> employees get a vice presidential greeting as they return to work. the lung cancer, the air you breathe. and the chance to save four bears after their mother's are illegally hunted. the first day back on the job is nearly over for hundreds of thousands of gol government workers across the country.
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>> thanks for your service. >> welcome back. what you do is important. what some are wall street are calling the morning after wall street. it's down slightly as investors cover the deal. libby casey is on dpo capitol h. mike viqueira is with us bell. >> mike what was the mood like at the white house. >> we did see the president last night after house voted. very careful not to spike the football in the end zone. this was a clear win for the democratic strategy. and not to push the republicans until they capitulated last
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night. the president was trying to build on that momentum. trying to build on his advantage. talking about the agenda ahead. he was almost scolding them for damaging the economy and damaging america's reputation around the world. >> whil while at the same time saying there were no winners here. there was a cooperation and ahead. >> dif you do not like a particular policy or president then argue for his position. gpush to change it but don't break it. >> he chided them for brinksmanship and a manufactured crisis. and january 15th's it's a three month deal, tony.
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he wilwe could be right back he. many republicans are voicing opinions on both sides if this brinksmanship continue. is the white house driving their agenda and beyond. >> that is what the president had in mind at the state ziening room. zien -- dining room. he languished about it. the first is immigration. and the center of all of the controversy over the past several months and that is the affordable care act known as obamacare. the president is pressing the house to arkt. -- act. the sen senate has already done. there is the nuts and boats of s of the farm bill. and can you imagine to sit down together. they did so this morning to hammer it out.
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and signs of normalcy here at the white house when earlier today the president had a bilateral meeting with the leader of italy. and so things pretty much back to normal at this point. it could be temporary. and that is a big concern, tony. >> there is a one cabinet level job that needs to be filled, correct. >> janet dmvmen nap nap el tan . jay johnson has been dealing with military and defense here at the white house. and we expect the president to make the nomination formal at 2:00 tom. mike viqueira at the white house. let's go to capitol hill
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now. libby casey is standing by. libby it's quiet there today. you could be in a cathedral. >> it's quiet here, tony. that is in sharp contrast with the rest of washington which had a revitalizhada revitalizezatio. and there is excitement about getting back to work. members are heading home and it's quiet for now. that doesn't mean that everyone is in relaxation mode. there is a lot of conversation about what happened last week. >> today the president laid out his agenda and a lot of items there. is there any reason to believe that congress will go along with any of it? >> democrats would like to hope so. tone is very important right now. we are not hearing a conciliatory tone come from democrats who are coming off the last couple of weeks wit with aa
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lot of ways a win in their pocket. >> here is nancy pelosi the top democrat in the house talking to reporters today about republicans. >> with their tempe was their tm worth $24 billion? i don't think so. perhaps they didn't know how coastally it woulcostly is it w. costly -- costly it would be. >> listen to the language she uses. >> the temper tantrum. in terms of the electio legislae business. legislation reform is big business and it's up to republicans in terms of what they would like to do. if they see ited advantageous o their party. raoul labrador talked yesterday and said there is not a lot of intensive from republicans to
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negotiate because they don't feel they were treated fairly in the last couple of weeks. that is his perspective and others are optimistic and do hope that can happen. the budget committee that is coming together in the next couple of weeks. a lot of focus on their efforts. we'll see republicans and democrats sitting down together. even if they come to the table, they come with a lot of differences. the two republicans that are spearheading this movement. those republicans paul ryan and senator session voted against re-opening the government. one more for you libby. we have heard many republicans say they planned to continue to fight the affordable care ability. act. have they indicated how they intend to do that? >> we'll probably see a couple of approaches. tesenator ted cruz said on abc news this morning that he will continue the fight to push back against obamacare. and he is willing to even look
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at dealing with another shutdown situation. other republicans have said that is not their technique. the question is do they go big picture or do they do little picture and are trying to chip away at it. some republicans are saying let it lie or let it play itself out. they say it will cause enough problems on it's own without it pushing it over. libby casey on capitol hill. sovereignty resides with "we the people." >> in some ways it beginnings an --begins and ends with ted c. it was th the lock dobb lockdowe precursor to the shutdown. >> he said to me, ted, the single biggest obstacle i face
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in my business is obamacare. >> it's after his side had lost promising not to get in the way of the final vote. i have no objections to the timing of this vote. >> some say it was a tactical blunder to cut off money for the obamacare act. >> it was a battle ground and one they were never going to win. >> rich is a long time g.o.p. zrat strastrategist. >> if they can find the right circumstances with a small percentage of voting population and the voting members of the house they can control the agenda. i'm not sure how many times you can do that? that. >> for tea party staa stalwartsy took precedence over party unity. >> they wanted this fight and they got it. the trouble of the republican party is there a huge portion of the rank and file and tea party
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movement are hea happy that thet into this fight. >> can a party this fractured get anything down? >> i spoke to a congressman yesterday that said, look we are ungovernable. we can't send anyone to the table to negotiate in good faith because there is no belief they'll bring something back. >> what price will the g.o.p. pay in 2014. >> people will say the tea party members will go home and they will be pillaried and they don't know our system. they will be waving flag as they go by ch. >> president obama wants to refocus on immigration reform and he wants republicans and democrats to work together on the farm bill. with a congress this disfunctional it's hard to imagine that that will happen soon.
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>> does the republican party need a make over. earlier today i spoke to tom davis about that and he is a former republican in virginia. >> they need to distance themselves from the debacle. the country doesn't like either party to be candid about it. in 2006 of being controlled they were fired and the democrats were put in and in 2008 they fired them from the presidency and in 2010 they swept the republicans back in to the control of the house of represent thivels and thereprest until to 12. to -- 2212. 2012. >> is it as bad as it appears looking in from the outside.
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a disapproval for both chambers of goflt government this mornin. >> i think it's worse than they realize. we are institutionally right now. the democrats have 1.7 million more votes. but the republicans have a 17 seat lead. that is because they controlled the redistricting process. and the voting rights repacks voters and the way the electal college comes together the democrats have a structural advantage we are into a structural vision barring some weight of some kind. >> that is interesting. you have said, and you have quoatdebeen quoted in saying we have become a rural and southern party. for everyone watching this channel in america and around the world, explain that please. what iwhat it means, in politics
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today. in local day most of the politics are national. 96% of the democrats are from obama district and 94% are from romney districts. people are voting strict particular iticketset cetera. tickets. they are voting their race and cultural preferences and their ethnicity. and in rural america, although the economic programs that the democrats appeal to, they don't want to volt fo vote for a teams laughing their lifestyle. >> it's great to talk to you. thank you for being on the program. across the country federal employees furloughed for 16 days are back to work. the workers also returned to federal offices in new york city. many say eyed the eyed said thee
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back the federal workers and agencies are not the only ones impacted by the shutdown. i spoke to abdul baytops. >> i woke up this morning to shouts of joy and overall everyone is ecstatic to be back to work. >> do you have any estimate how much the shutdown has o cost yo? >> for our company we did an estimate, it was $120,000 a week. it's quite a lot for a business to b absorb if you are not prepared for it. >> your workers do not get back pay, correct? >> that is correct. that is the concern returns to work how they will be compensated for the days they missed for the furlough. >> are you concerned about a
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second wave of furloughs when the congress gets back to work on this again in a few months? >> yes, i am. it's no use waiting until the last minute to strike a deal. this could happen again in january. i was listening to the broadcast of president obama and i hope everyone comes to gripple gripst at the table early. we need to get new people in office that we elect like like everybody else. >> the new information from edward snowden's document leaks shows how closely the cia works with the military. >> it's not clear when the intelligence started working with the cia.
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ainchtaccording to the washingtn post" this relationship completely ramped up during 2009 and 2010. the first two years of the obama administration. in 2012 the collaboration acortding to th cording taccording to the deathn operative that was released to the pakistani. they released him and the u.s. felt that he was a threat, they weren't able to find him until nsa information uncovered an e-mail between him and his wife which helped pinpoint his location. what is notable about this is that the nsa has said they have always been in the business of tracking people that are not americans that are a threat to u.s. international security. a lot of the pu publicity in the
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past year or so have focused on the efforts to gather information created produced and sent between american citizens and other persons. something that is controversial in this country. the nsa would say when contacted by these latest revelations that it's simply carrying out it's mission trailin trying to uncovd remove threats to national security. how about this, you are more likely to get cancer from air pollution than second hand smoke. that is accordings to th accordd health organization. zblrntion. >> this is the first time that r pollution in it's entirety has been named a cause of cancer.
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>> here in beijing we saw the olympics there in the summertime. and right now, take a look at the index across the region. what you see i is an unhealthy where the red is. and the maroon is west of beijing and that means hazardous fnlmost of china is pretty dirt. you can go to this website if you are traveling you may want to look at that. we are looking at a typhoon in the west pave. pave -- pacific. it's a category three hurricane and it's moving to the north to japan by tuesdays. we are watching this carefully and it could be a much bigger storm. we'll have more later in the show. the government shutdown took
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a bite out of the u.s. economy that is still struggling to recover from the financial crash. we'll talk about that just ahead. a historic church in rust -- ruins ahead. more on the devistation from the quake that struck the fill pennals. philippines.
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>> so the government shutdown wiped 2 $24 billion off the economy according to the latest figures from s & p. we'll have a breakdown in a couple of minutes for you. >> there are other costs that may be a little harder to calculate. ali will be talking about this and more at the top of the hour on "real money." we have him on the program how did the shutdown hurt the economy. i will tell you where it didn't hurt. the s & p hit and all time high. it closed at and all time high.
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the stocks are done very well. the s & p is up 22%. that is double the long terrorism average and it's only october. the shutdown probably cost us a half of a percentage point of gdp that is probably 25 or $30 billion. that is not the point. the point it's affected depends. and a economy that is run by people's decision about spending and business decisions as opposed to the government this is hard to quantify. because people won't get in and start deploying money to hire and expand their businesses because they don't know if we are going to go through this again. >> what does all of this uncertainty mean? we have some movement with january e-yellen coming in to the federal reserve. >> sure. >> but the fiscal side of this really seems to be a mess what does this fiscal uncertainty mean? >> it does give some certainty that for a couple of months the federal reserve is going to put
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the $85 billion a month into the financial system which is keeping interest rates relatively low. for people that are borrowing and looking for a mortgage. what about 4 and a half percent and the interest rate staying there. i was talking to the chief economist for home builders and he said more than interest rates going up history has caused people to pull back on their decision to buy a home more than increasing interest rates do. there is a real he effect on the psyche. you don't think you have anything to do with the government. when the government messes around you feel did. >> this southbound a more coming up. >> absolutely. >> we have ali veshi at "real money. let's look at the impact on small businesses. >> natasha is in tampa, florida where several companies are on government contracts. i will talk to you natasha.
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how are people there feeling? >> well, tony, they are relieved. the government contractors that we spoke to are exasperated. that is because they don't know if another government shutdown looms if congress can't meet their next deadline early next year. this company has lost tens of thousands of dollars and they are not alone. >> brian and greg were supposed to be in washington, d.c. on thursday meeting with the u.s. department of veterans affairs. it was their chance to pitch their telemedicine cart. it allows veterans to use their smart phones or tobacco let's to communicate with doctors remotely. they were to get a lucrative contract but due to the shutdown the meeting was cancelled. >> we hope to resurrect that and maybe not until next year but we'll keep fighting to go forward. rcht the way forward is uncertain for this small business. most of bhook and zurman's work
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comes from government contracts. >> the va has developed a plan to ensure. >> it's a system that book is intimately familiar with. he is a disabled veteran and calls the system ant quited during the shutdown they were prohibited from working. still the company invested in equipment to meet the da's deadline. they also opted to continue paying their employees. it's money they won't get back. >> it's frustrating to look at the loss but we are resilient and we'll get back up and fighting again. >> we are not sure when it will be lifted. >> it could be a week before their employees can resume work on the va's call system upgrade they say it will be difficult to meet their deadline and they don't expect the government to give them a break. like a lot of other people they are upset. considering that congress didn't
6:26 pm
meet their own deadline to meet the shutdown. >> our government spends a lot of time fixing the blame rather than fixing the problem. >> the looming question is whether they have to contend with a shut down early next year when congress has to meet their next set of deadlines. >> they are putting a band-aid on a festering weunld and we'll see what heaps at the end of the call letter year. >> a bit of good news shortly after our interview. the company received word from the va that they can get back to work, tony. >> but long terrorism here, how concerned about these businesses that the shutdown is not there. >> they are going to be not hiring any time soon. >> that makes sense.
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natasha for us in florida. thanatasha appreciate it. thank you. ♪ >> and ross is here with a look at your sports headlines and the dodgers live to play another game. >> you have to love it. like the bee gee's the dodgers are "staying alive, staying alive. >> the boys in blue down three games to one against the cardinals. now we have a series. because the dodgers were going, going, gonzo. adrienne gonzalez hit four yesterdayesterday. the card want to close things out tomorrow. st. louis had a 3-1 series leading the post season before. last year to the giant and in 1996 too the braves. the card ended up losing both of those series. in the alcs we are even steven.
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and detroit wicked good in their 7-3 win. so this series is tied at 2 games a piece. game five tonight in motown. and it's a pitching rematch in game one with sanchez facing lester. in the n.f.l. first place. the cowboys head to philly to take on the eagles the nik michl vick won't be starting. so nick foes will be making the second start of the season. he was brilliant against the bucks this weekend. and he was named nfc player of the week. i will see you later in the program. the government shutdown last the 16 days but the financial impact will be around for a little longer we'll breakdown the cost straight ahead. ♪
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>> ismall businesses around this are breathing a sigh of relief we shall at nassau in houston.
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here are more details in the document leaks and how the cia realize heavily on the nsa surveillance. >> targeted killings are collected by the nsa. >> president becam obama announy johnson. the end of the shutdown meant the end of the tu furlough for federal employees. most of the workers are back on the. be today. they have a clause givings themm
6:32 pm
back pay for two weeks. employees at johnson space center are amongst th among thef thousands back to work today. we are joined by heidi in clear lake, texas south of houston. heidi? >> here we are steps away from the employee entrance at the johnson space center. you can see, hear and smell the sense of normalcy returning. this is a popular spot for nassau employees tnazihabdul-ha. you are preparing for the rush to begin? >> we cay se can see from this , the news came out late and some people we could see already the people coming out.
6:33 pm
they were happy and there was something in the air that was special this morning. it was a good feeling. >> lots of smiles all around. >> lots of smiles. these people are there they have a family, they have kids and expense. >> and sure you as a business owner have expenses as well how hard was it to survive for you guys to make it last for 16 days. >> you make it happen and whatever it takes. 16 days for us we can do it. but you know it's difficult. all the time. because, you know, you need an income on a daily basis to go on. >> well, here we are the government has finally reopened. what do you think we have learned if anything or gained from this. >> i do not understand if there is retro pay why they don't pay right a way these people. what we learn the country and the people are not happy about that, you know.
6:34 pm
hopefully it doesn't happen again. you know, they have to learn, they are the one in charge. more than us. they have to make this decision not to do it again. >> well thank you very much, franfrankie. you can hear that phone ring off the hook here as frankie takes more reservations. we have heard more employees calling in from nasa preparing for their sell l celebrate tory. michael good to see you again. you know yesterday, the question i had for you was winners and losers in all of this. >> zblincht i hat i hated hate that question. but it's politics. anymore news on winners or losers. >> one winner we didn't talk
6:35 pm
about yesterday, is chris christie. if you look at 2016 the end game for the republicans, he as one of the luxuries of being a govenor didn't have to do anything for the shutdown. he didn't have to vote for or against it. he distanced himself from the people in his party who were so gung-ho about it. he can go into the primary states and say, listen, these fools and he can say that, because it's a political election. >> and he might say that. >> i think he can go in there and have a greater facility with that argument than he would have had otherwise. in a way he had nothing to do with it, but that might be why he is a win he were in this case. the losers are the republicans that are running against democrats who are in trouble in states like arkansas. mark prior we are a year away
6:36 pm
from the republican election. >> do you want to rethink your one pick from yesterday. john boehner the speaker as a winner, do you want to rethink that? >> i don't think i had john boehner as a winner, i think i had mark o'rub bit. o'rubio as a winner he was in a tough place but he was a looser in the end. >> all right, michael i will go to the tape. let's talk about the mid terms a bit more next year. >> yeah. are we looking at the end of the tea party? and that is the basic. let me support it with this. is there a possibility that they might, that those tea party members may be able to reenergize their base and
6:37 pm
ememerge from the primaries relatively unscathed. it die pens o depends on where e talking about actually. i think a lot of the tea party members of congress there are 30 to 60 of them. the ones that stotted in th stoy of the speaker, again i think we make too much of is this the end of the tea party. is there going to be a democratic wave? certainly there won't be a wave of democrats. congress is constructed now so that fewer of 15% of the races were in place. >> 63 out of 45 races were decided with less than 10%. what could happen is from the right in the republican party is you could have the soft o sort t we think of is conservative republicans and people that are sound fiscal conservative
6:38 pm
republicans. and you have them coming out and trying to challenge the reverse of mike bennett of y. youtube. utah. they challenge from utah and . >> there is always another day in politics and another election around the corner. the agenda for the president moval fort. moving forward. immigration reformed an reformed farm women. doe farnlfarm bill.does the gove anything to say that moves these policies forward that is in a way bipart sin and we could see some legislation? >> the government is going to
6:39 pm
have further impetus. the elections are around the corner. they are in a year for the house of represent thivels. they are going to be in a little more trouble than they are now. >> thank you michael shore. as for the overall cost of the shutdown. it's staggering. >> the government shutdown lasted 16 days. according to standard and poors the cost to the u.s. economy in the relatively short time a staggering $24 billionings. $24- billion dollarsings.
6:40 pm
billiobillion dollars. it ro projected the growth from% to 2. 2.4%. here is a breakdown of the staples of the economy. three dollars and one cents billion lost for government services. >> that is for child care. revenue lost because national parks were closed. $76 million a day. and travel took a huge hit. u.s. travel association said the economy missed out of 150 to a million doll larling dollars eag the shutdown. that is a stunning $2.4 billion lost due to the shutdown alone the drag on the economy is continuing. hundreds of thousands of workers are returning to their jobs and they'll get back pay. but many contractors are losing out.
6:41 pm
it's a short term deal and consumer confidence will be low and may have an impact on the next holiday season. several wild fires are burning near sydney. and next to the fill pennal phit by a devastating earthquake this week. it destroyed homes an, and buildings. take a look at this amateur video. it shows the church's bell tower collapsing. [screaming] i want to show you another devastated area here. this is o owe deesh yeah india. the government plans to invest more in the relief effort.
6:42 pm
phailin was responsible for the deaths of more than 20 people. and in kenya the government is trying to explain why billion of dollars are missing. kenyan students struggle with math. like students around the world they see numbers as a life skill. it's hard to learn with four to a desk in is a class of 100. education is one of the most under funded departments in government here. but according to the report by the auditor general most ministries can't do their sums in a study of accounts from 2011 to 2012 for billion of the budget is missing. that is 33% of the government's entire expenditure for the year that would pay for 15 years of preprimary education or 15 years of public healthcare.
6:43 pm
>> the miles group has been tracking the government's account for years the auditor general has not accused anyone of stealing but just that the money can't be traced. the group's executive says wherever it's gone it's costing the country it's future. >> the figure was larger than kenya's current budget this year. it's really the difference between development and and just muddling along. >> for the president this is a war. he chose a speech to the military to talk about the missing millions in fighting terms that the soldiers would understand. like terrorism and other forms of agression, inefficiency and incompetence and crumbs are massive threats to our integrity as a society.
6:44 pm
we must fight with a resolve required to fight terrorism. >> all of the government ministries have been ordered to explain where the money has gone if anyone should know what happened to the millions it's the president himself for half of the period the auditor general examined he served as the finance minister. and the man that headed his department is now a head of the civil service kenya's health service is a dangerously ill department. the patients spill out on the gralings outside of the hospital. the auditor general has warned that the government can't stop him from waging money the entire country will remain sick. new laws are doing little to prevent it, bears are often hunted in russia and their skins sold on the black market. the effort to save so many orphaned cub the.
6:45 pm
in american journalism - >> introduces america tonight. >> in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >> grounded. >> real. >> unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight 9 eastern on al jazeera america
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zblrntion. hundreds of bear cubs are orphaned open year by hundred tires in russia fee spite strict laws enactedded to protect their mothers pitheir -- pioneering wy animal welfare. >> housed from hibernation from it's den in mitd el winter a mother bear is shot at point blank range. this brutal practice has now been outlawed but it still continues. there is a lucrative black market for bear skins and the cubs. they can be sold to circuses or end up a as a specialty dish in a restaurant. tray mah advertised and frighten
6:48 pm
and caring for the cubs when they are the most vulnerable is a difficult task. ground breaking work by this rescue center means the orphans not only survive but they thrive. their bottle fed eight times a day on a mixture of warm milk and vitamins in a den house and then learn to eat pore raj. th porridge. the handlers use the same dploofs and reduce their likelihood to be habitual eighted. today sax of apples have been laid as bait by the handlers. >> at it slightest sound or sight of humans the bears will take flight and climb the nearest tree. as they enjoyed their unexpected treat, a tranquilizer dart was being prepared for one of them.
6:49 pm
sasha's and titted for the fruit made him an easy target. already tagged and fitted with a radio collar he put on enough body fat to survive the coming months and was minutes away from freedom. >> this place was specifically chosen because there are very few people here. the local village is practically abandoned. the area yeah is perfect for barrie billtion. more than 15 150 bears have been reintroduced to the forest each one is reintroduced to where they were found. sasha will have to survive on it's own for weeks before he
6:50 pm
builds his own den to survive the russian winter. his first stems were a bit wobbly because of the after effects. tranquilizer but he needed no encourage. to put the humans behind him and take his natural blaze back in the forest. place back in the forest. ♪ ross is here with the day in sports. the alcs all tied up. >> before juggling his line up with the red sox the tigers manager said you can call me nuts or dumb. i will call him a genius because it worked out. when it's all said and done, you want to be like frank sinatra and say "i did it my way" they took the lead off spot to eightth in the line-up jackson drove in the first one in the ball game by taking ball four.
6:51 pm
i know it's not a sexy highlight but it worked. that ignited the tigers because hunter drove in a series of things ai brar rah got in the act and detroit wins it 7-3. game five is tonight in motown and it's a pitching rematch from game one. detroit's sanchez who tossed a no hitter through six innings and struck out 123 batters facing boston's jon lester. in the nlcs don't feel blue. boys in blue are back in the series after beating the cardinals 6-4. zach cranky was giving up hollywood. he was swinging that magic stick and driving in the first run of the ball game. la would go on to win it 6-4. the cardinals lead the series 3-2 and think look to close things out tomorrow in the st. louis. >> adrienne gone zal less says we are trying to portion a game 7 and mess with their heads.
6:52 pm
st. louis has a 3-7 lead in the post season before once to the giants and in 1996 to the braistles the card ended up losing both of those series. it's homecoming sunday for peyton manning who is going back to indianapolis on a monday night the vikings will be changing quarterback's again by starting joash freeman. we speak to our n.f.l. insider about that hot topic. he says he knows that offense is a west coast typo fence the same he played in clefnl and tampa. it department take him long too become the starting quarterback. nine days after he signed they named him. he will replace matt castle. they who to find out if josh freeman is their future they decided that christian ponltder is not their future and they signed him to a 3 million-dollar deal and will decide if he is the future.
6:53 pm
and if not they'll be back in the market for another quarterback. >> they have to had seven quarterbacks since dantes culpepper in 2005. how likely is it he takes michael vick's place permanently. >> i talked to chip kelly this week. he is not ready to name him the permanent starter. foels has six touch downs and no interseemingses in the six quarters he has played they have played six winning teams but they like what nick is doing in the offense that is as much about the future than it is about the season about this game for the nfc lead. he is a lot younger than michael vick who is 33. >> peyton manning returns to indy this week. what was colt's owner trying to accomplish by suddenly calling manning out? >> i think that is what everybody is trying to figure out. what he meant.
6:54 pm
urse has backtracked and is talking about how they are building the team they are building it differently than when they built it with pay tonight manning when he said there were years they had 70% of their salary tied up in defense. the question is it doesn't matter what we think about his comments, what does peyton manning think about his comments. we will see on sunday and you can bet he took them a little personally and one super bowl at a time in nap las is a affect and h -- a typeindianapolis is . the cowboys released jay raltlife and with him gone who is left in big d to rush the passer? >> taces a bunch of no names out there right now. the projected starters four of them are left and that is jason
6:55 pm
hatcher and they had 195 half sacks in their careers and the guys they have left there have a total of 31 carry yea 3 -- carey are hoping that it's short term. they hope three weeks and they are hoiping not much more than that. it could be four beaks he is out. he never missed a game in his career. he is a fast healer. they hope to get him back in there this is not what they envisioned for the season. michael vick has ruled him ee out. >> probably smart before he was ruled out. kevin is up next with a look at the national forecast. >> coming up with "real money" fed worksers are bark on the job americans are still looking for work. what are the real numbers of obama early days and and why are unpaid parking tickets and unreturned library books could keep you from getting a
6:56 pm
mortgage. all of that on "real money."
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hello again. earlier this hour i took you over to the west pacific. showed you the of itth storm they have seen this season. i will take you over towards the atlantic. we have had a well below average season across the atlantic and across the caribbean. this is what it looked like. these are all of the storms we have seen so far this year. the hurricane season ends at the end of october and november 1st. we are almost there the waters are beginning to cool down. this is what we predicted. we predicted an active year and average year we predicted 19 storms and what we got was, well it looked a little more like this. we have seen 11 stoorms and only two hurricanes -- storms and two hurricanes. only one tropical storm made it to the united states and no hurricanes. the stand off in africa kept the hurricanes at bay and dry conditions at the surface. those are some of the things. i don't think we'll see too much
6:59 pm
more in the next two weeks. >> it's going to get colder in the northern plains. billings is now in the middle of the day 4*7 and houston is at 77 and texas was te 10 to 20 degrew average. new york is at 7 70° and we have plenty of cloud coming into the region. also look at the storm system pushing off parts of the great lakes and down through parts of the georgia. those are coming through and giving us showers across new england this evening. things will get better as we go into tomorrow. you can see the showers now creeping in. the line of thunderstorms is going to go quickly and it could be quite strong for some people. let's take a look at the forecast for the area. storms heavy across the area and for new york the temperatures in the 60s for the week.
7:00 pm
that is a look at your weather. tony has your head lines right now. this is al jazeera america live from new york. this is just in san francisco bay area transit unce unions are threatening to strike at midnight tonight. this is after contract talks broke down the workers for the bart system had a noon deadline. the government shutdown is over. hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers returned to work today. last night's budget deal gives the workers back pay for the last two weeks. and visitors return to national


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